A language, a culture, a story. Learning has never been this fun!

Learning Series

Follow the lives of quirky characters as they navigate through whimsical scenarios.

A focus on culture

Explore the cultural diversity of Spain, and Latin America.

Express yourself!

Alongside personalized written exercises and revision, elevate your speaking skills by chatting with the hero of your Learning Series.

AI-powered adaptive learning

Depending on your level, your interests, your goals and your revision needs, a new daily episode tailored for you, your motivation and your memory. Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced learner, you'll get to complete a specific and customized course.

Only 10 minutes per day

An episode of your series, featuring questions, revision and corrections. Just a little bit of effort, for a whole lot of awesome!

Level assessment

Level assessment at the start of the course, continuous evaluation throughout, and a certificate of completion once you finish the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gymglish creates online language lessons for adults of all levels. Our Learning Series have been created to make learning a new language fun. Our content features short, funny stories, exposing you to a diverse range of accents and the cultures in which the language is spoken.
Our personalized learning method, powered by AI, has been tried and tested by 7 million users worldwide. More than 6,000 companies, universities, education professionals and public bodies use our courses.

Prices start at just 10 euros per month. After completing your free trial (with no commitment to buy), you can choose your subscription plan that suits your preferred duration and desired features. Subscriptions plans and prices may vary based on course duration, language, and selected features.

Gymglish lessons are accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone whether through your browser or our iOS and Android apps).
Upon signing up for the free trial, you'll dive into the first episode of your Learning Series - an original story followed by a series of exercises and an excerpt from a film, series or song in the language you are learning.
After answering the questions, you'll get to discover your score of the day, followed by personalized explanations.
10 to 15 minutes a day are all it takes!

The first 7 days are free and with no commitment to buy, allowing you to discover our learning method. If you decide to cancel your subscription, simply click the "I wish to unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each lesson.
Once you have subscribed to one of our courses, you can cancel your subscription at any time (providing you have chosen a "pay-as-you-go" subscription) by visiting your User Space. However, if you select a fixed-term subscription, please note that you won't be able to unsubscribe until the duration of the course is completed.

Absolutely! We provide language lessons to over 6,000 companies, universities and public bodies!

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